• Strawberry Lemonade 30ml  SHOT

Strawberry Lemonade 30ml  SHOT

This Way Achieve 30ml

SHOTS To Achieve 30ml of your desired strength please follow instructions below

Purchase the Shot You Require


We will then send the amount of 10ml unflavoured Liquid you need follow the directions below

Mix with Shot Liquids to achieve your desired strength
0mg you will need to add nothing

3mg you will need to add 1/2 (5ML) x 10ml unflavoured 18mg

6mg you will need to add 1 x 10ml unflavoured 18mg

12mg you will need to add 2 x 10ml unflavoured 18mg

15mg you will need to add 2 x 10ml unflavoured 18mg (Achieves approx 26ml)

You will need sometimes at least 1 week steeping once your desired amount of Unflavoured Eliquid as been added to the bottle  give it some steep time ;=)  you may also need a Syringe and needle 

10ML Syringe and blunt needle 10ml Syringe and Needle BUY IT HERE

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Strawberry Lemonade 30ml SHOT

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